Asphalt Paving


  • Asphalt Installation – New installations including finish grading, road base, compaction, pre-emergent application and ending with hot Surface Mix Asphalt.
  • Overlays – Installation of a new layer of asphalt over old asphalt. Thickness can vary from one inch on up. Normally 1 1/2″ to 2″ is used.
  • R&R patching – Removal and replacement of broken areas. The depth and extent of the work is determined by the severity of the damage and underlying conditions.
  • Skim patching – Used for cosmetic purposes to fill low areas, or minimize standing water.
  • Hot crack sealing – WATER is the most destructive element to our pavements. Preventing water intrusion into our pavements is vital to preservation of a good asphalt surface . Filling or sealing pavement cracks to prevent water from entering the base and sub-base will extend the pavement life by three to five years.